Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Club night........ Lace glittering

Tonight is club night and I am doing a lace glittering project with the ladies and thought you might like to see a couple of samples.
For those of you who dont know what lace glittering is I will explain. You take a piece of lace whether it be border or shaped (i.e. fan) place some sticky tape down onto a piece of card but make sure it's large enough to cover the piece of lace. Select two contrasting colours of glittler or you can use one glitter and fine sand like Sandy Art. Place you lace onto the sticky tape press down really well as you dont want your first colour of glitter to go under the lace, place your first colour on the top press down well and shake off excess glitter. Now PEEL OFF your lace this now leaves you with a sticky area where your lace has been you then apply your second colour again pressing it down well before shaking off excess.
The two card above, the lilac one I've used some pretty border lace, and punched out trellis using Martha Stewart punch. The green card is a piece of 'fan shaped' lace cut from a piece of NET CURTAIN but done is just the same way. This is so pretty when its done and a lot of people actually think the lace is STILL on the card.
Hope this all makes sense!!


Aquarius said...

These are great and it certainly looks as if there is still lace on the cards until you zoom in closer. Have a good night tonight.

Fabiola said...

oh qu'elles sont jolies, toute classe, biz